What is my style?

I capture moments in a very artful / modern / authentic way


I specialize in adventurous / unique / intimate weddings

but that doesn't exactly tell you what to expect on your wedding day, so let me go one level deeper:

When it comes to weddings, my motto is DO WHAT YOU WANT TO- FORGET TRADITION & THE WEDDING INDUSTRY.

Want to have lemon bars instead of cake? DO IT. Want to get married AFTER eating dinner with your guests? DO IT. Want to skip the huge wedding entirely and spend the $$$ traveling somewhere beautiful on your bucket list? SERIOUSLY DO IT. This is your wedding day, your chance to celebrate your love & commitment in a creative way that's most authentically you.

With this in mind, I am all about helping to curate comfortable, authentic moments & experiences instead of just posing. (I could tell you to awkwardly "stand there, do this" OR we can explore a beautiful, quiet spot where you two can exchange notes, dance, play tag, just enjoy being together, etc.) As weird as this might sound coming from me, photography shouldn't be the main focus of your wedding day! I'm not here to recreate shots or tell you what's the proper way to cut the cake; I want to document the moments that show your personality, joy and passion & that make your wedding day unique.

What they say about your photog being more than just a vendor is 1000% true- I've gone through wedding planning myself & have been to a million weddings now, so I've got ideas, and I've got your back! I will help you however you need with planning beforehand: scheduling, design, scouting locations, other vendor referrals, etc etc you get the point. I will also be there for you ALL DAY on your wedding day: I will hold your lipstick & phone, secretly cry during your vows, and exclaim things like "HOW ARE YOU TWO SO PERFECT" during portraits because I can't contain my excitement!!

Part of what makes my images artful & epic is my couples' willingness to adventure & be part of the creative process. Sure I am the one with the camera, but we work together to create art & sometimes that means hiking a hill to find a beautiful landscape or running through traffic to chase the light.

SO. If you connect with my style / aren't afraid to get your dress & suit a lil dirty to get an epic shot, LET'S HANG!