Dear couples looking for a wedding photographer: 

You’ve got a relationship that is unique and fun and deep and funky and beautiful, and it deserves to be celebrated!
That’s why I am 1000% here for making images that represent the REAL YOU and that visually celebrate the love you share with each other.

I’m not too concerned with tradition or the “right way,” and I’d rather not be telling you what’s the proper method to cut your wedding cake or make you recreate cheesy poses from Pinterest. What I AM interested in is being here to document the genuine, meaningful moments as they unfold, and capture whatever the heck it is that you want to be doing on YOUR wedding day! 

These are the moments that are worth remembering, that will let your future family catch a glimpse of who you are and what matters most to you. 

I’ve learned that to be your honest selves in front of the camera requires an element of trust and collaboration with your photographer, which is why it is so important to me to spend time getting to know each other and hearing about your story. It’s also why I’ve dedicated so much energy toward learning how to create an experience for you that feels totally comfortable and relaxed. You’re going to be a natural in front of the camera just as you are now, I promise! Let’s hang out and make some rad art together. 

Couple looking at the camera during blue hour in Joshua Tree CA


Starting at $400

KurtandJaimieWedding_290 copy2


Starting at $2600

Couple holding hands on the cliffs at Taft Point in Yosemite National Park CA


Starting at $1500

If you like what you see and want to move forward, fill out an inquiry and let’s get this ball rolling!