HELLO // I am an adventure & intimate wedding photographer living in Orange County, CA

I've got an adventuresome and creative spirit that shows up in everything I do. I am absolutely PASSIONATE about serving people while photographing them on their life adventures (big and small!)

I'm married to my super sweet & good lookin' best friend John. We met/bonded over a love for photography, and now he is my second shooter (lucky for you if you book me for your wedding ;) 

I LOVE HIKING AND EXPLORING. If you head to my blog you'll see posts from my adventures sprinkled throughout. My fav places are Kauai (where we honeymooned), Western and Central Oregon (where John's fam lives/where we want to move someday), Mammoth Lakes CA, Crested Butte CO, Zion National Park UT, and Havasupi AZ. Yep I have a lot of favorite places in a varitey of climates/terrains, and the list keeps getting bigger. 

I'm also a graphic designer and fine artist. Fine art is where my creative spirit first blossomed- since I was young I have been working with lots of different mediums including drawing, painting, block printing, installation, and wood burning. I currently run a small design business creating branding and wedding invites/signs/cards/etc.

A few other things I love: root beer, waterfalls & rivers with moss & ferns, rocks & geodes, minimalist homes with pops of pattern & geometry, the colors oxblood and mustard, and outer space (did you know that 1 million earths could fit inside the sun?!)

Thank you for stopping by & checking out my work- you know I would love to hear from you! Please go here if you're interested in knowing a bit more about who I am as a photographer and what my photo style looks like. 

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