Hi- I am an adventure & travel wedding photographer (and graphic designer) currently based in Orange County, CA. I feel so incredibly blessed to get to do what I'm passionate about and work with amazing people every day!!

I'm married to my sweet, handsome best friend John Buchanan, who is an amazing second shooter, videographer, techy man, cook, caretaker, etc etc. (My name is actually Amy Buchanan, but I like to use my maiden name for photo work and artsy endeavors). We have a friendly cat (Sesame) who likes to eat our houseplants, watch the birds from the deck, and snooze in secret places in the closet.

Things I love: making art & learning new forms of creativity, exploring & hiking, Trader Joes mango sorbet, outer space, little animals (usually fuzzy) that fit in my hands, waterfalls with moss & ferns, rivers with pretty rocks & pebbles, and photographing people on their life adventures (big and small).

Thank you for stopping by and looking at my work. I would love to hear from you!