Some things you should know about me: 

I’m an artist at heart, and I have an adventurous and creative spirit that influences my photography! 

When I was little I used to draw and make things with lots of different art mediums, and that’s what first sparked my creativity. It wasn’t until after I got a degree in graphic design that I discovered photography gave meaning to my passion for creating art by connecting me with all kinds of interesting people and allowing me to tell a bit of their story through beautiful images. 
I would absolutely be a lesser version of myself without my incredibly kind and silly (and good lookin’) husband John. He’s the one who believed in me when I was unsure of my own abilities and encouraged me to finally quit my “normal” job to be a full-time photographer. We’ve got a deep relationship rooted in discovering beauty wherever we go and that’s what makes us a good team! Oh, and secret but not-so-secret fact: he is my second shooter at weddings (lucky for you!)
You can often find me hiking and exploring. Being in nature and discovering new places invigorates me. It fills up my creative well and fuels my desire to make deeper, more meaningful, and more colorful art! My fav places are currently Kauai (where we honeymooned), the Oregon Coast, and Mammoth Lakes CA. But I’m up in the SoCal hills with the cactus on the daily. 

Some things that make my heart happy:

– our giant orange bengal cat Sesame 

– minimalist & midcentury design

– GOOD root beer and homemade pizza

– pretty rocks & geodes

– cooking tasty food with the husband

– the scent of citrus blossoms and oranges

– funky art

– the colors jade green and mustard yellow

See examples of my photos!